Saturday, October 20, 2007


It"s good to know theres a network you can take an idea to, no matter how small, pitch it and have it given a budget and a schedule.

NickToons UK have just comissioned one of our ideas, given it a workable budget and the creative space to see if we can make it 'grow'.

We can't really so too much about it at the moment (other than thanks a lot!) but rest assured, once things start rolling this will be the first place we speak about it.



Tui said...

That's great news! ... I love hearing about people making stuff (and money!) with moho.

nice image too

Good on ya Greykid

jhbmw007 said...

Congratulations! I'm sad though that it's only gonna be on Nicktoons UK- I was hoping it would show here in the US!

GreyKid Pictures said...

Not to worry! We'll be putting it on our website for the whole world to see!!!