Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We recently put in a pitch for a title sequence for a Saturday night prime time game show on a major television network in the UK. It had all the right boxes ticked to make it a success. Average Joe contestants, ludicrous activities and, of course, an insane amount of cash up for grabs!

We wrote a brief and produced the concept images above - the idea being that a 'normal' guy off the street battles against a celebrity. Who ever wins swims in an obscene amount of cash. The animation was going to be a cut out style, high concept - slick looking graphics and a comedy pay off.

Unfortunately we didn't get the gig. The good thing is we get to show you the concept images of us making complete tits of ourselves!

And they call this work!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Why do we make promises of regular blogging then completly fail to live up to them. I think the way forward is not to mention more posts and just try (secretly) to keep up to date.

Anyhoo, work is flying through the studio at the moment (hence the lack of posts...) We've had a lot of exciting projects over the past couple of months. We'll hopefully be able to share some of the work with you soon...

The images above are taken from a short we produced for a French comic book company, we've included the original comic artwork of the scene as well. It was a cool project as we already had characters, colour and storyboard designed, the challange was turning the comic strip into life, judge for yourself the results here.