Friday, October 19, 2007


Just a quick one.

Thought we'd upload a piece of background art without the animation - sometimes that stuff just gets in the way!




Brent Lowrie said...

Hey GK... great to see you're bloggin'. I love the style in this BG. The addition of the texture really makes it. Cheers!

Brent L.

Mick said...

aye great stuff here. This background looks like Ragner a bit.

GreyKid Pictures said...

The bg design was inspired by 3 different artists, Ragner was one of them - really love his stuff, his colour, line and design style are just brilliant.

chiviro said...

Hi, GK! I love your work. I like that BG a lot. Only thing: if you ask to me, I would make some difference between the trees in the middle, they are like clones.
I REALLY feel like an idiot saying this, 'cause your work is fantastic.


jhbmw007 said...

Was this background made in Anime Studio?