Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well the studio is very busy at the moment - so much so that we immediately broke the promise of regular blog posts!

We have recently been commissioned by Nickelodeon to produce one of our ideas, it's great that we get the chance to put our own ideas out there, they run around the studio like mad midgets on speed for so long all you want to do is kick them out - then when someone offers to buy them you sell them quicker than Daley Thompson in a decathlon!

Is it also true that we compare our (I mean all artists) creative ideas to children? if so then I think we have broken the law several times in accepting money for them... err, I think that’s enough about that!

We'll upload more from the show as it is being produced - we'd like to share everything with you (as long as big daddy Nickelodeon says it's OK) as well as other works that we've done.

We have a new version of our website going live soon with the addition of KidTV - we'll keep you posted with that too.

In the mean time here are a few shots from the music video we produced for a Hungarian band, the English title of the song was called 'You Are Still In Me' we named the music video 'Bunny Love'. It tells the story of a girl rabbit - recently jilted by her ex bunny boyfriend and out on the town with her friends (all of which persuaded her to go out then as soon as they hit the club buggered off cause she was miserable) Everywhere she looks the boy rabbits want to give her a 'hop'. Of course she still has her ex 'in her' ahem...

We'll post the video soon...

The title: "Bunny Love" - ahh but do they love or just hump a lot? "Bunny Bang" didn't have the same ring to it!

There's something about bunnies bopping in a forest that just boils our beans!

Cheer up love! It's not that bad - yer man coulda got squashed by an 18 wheeler - be warm in the knowledge that he's still alive - albeit with another bunny but hey...

Bears n' Rabbits hmmm - don't know what was going through our minds when we came up with this shot...

Dang! that there's a lot of rabbits... ouch!

Dance rabbit!

Ahhh... the inevitable sequel!

More stuff soon guys!


Saturday, September 8, 2007


So we finally decided to join in this blog thingy!

Hopefully over the coming months we'll grow addicted to this form of internet communication like a fly to... well you know! We hope to share our insights and our art and hope that you will enjoy our work and post comments on our current and upcoming projects, who knows maybe we'll even take notice!

We'll do our best to update as much as possible (I guess everyone says that!) but we will...